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What is Butaca?

Butaca is a movie database application for MeeGo Harmattan, the operating system running on the Nokia N9. You can use it to:

  • Get all details about a movies: release date, overview, cast & crew, trailer...
  • Get all details about a celebrity: birth details, biography, filmography...
  • Check whether a movie has extra content during or after the credits
  • Check showtimes -when available- for cinemas around you

Not only that. You can share links to a movie or celebrity, you can save them as favorites, so they appear in the main screen, you can save movies to your watchlist, and you can save pictures into your phone's gallery.

Butaca is currently available in German, English, Spanish, Finnish, French, Portuguese, Romanian and Turkish.

If you're looking for technical information about Butaca, start here

Get support

Butaca is being developed in my free time. This means that although I do my best to keep it bug free, you might find issues.

If that's the case and something goes wrong, you have suggestions to improve Butaca, or would like to see something done in a different way, don't hesitate to report a bug in the bugtracker.

You can also file a new bug if you want to see Butaca translated to your language. Bonus points if you're willing to help at Transifex :-)

Get the app

Butaca is available for free in the Nokia Store, and already has more than 6000 downloads. User reviews have been widely positive (with the application valoration moving between 4 and 5 stars).

If you enjoy Butaca, don't forget to rate it and tell your friends about it.

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Butaca is mainly being developed by Simón Pena, although many people have helped already:

Adrian Perez, Amit Singh, Christoph Keller have contributed code. Felipe Erias has helped with the UX, and Nik Rolls, Christoph Keller, Janne Makinen, Alexandre Mazari, Petru Motrescu, Oytun Şengül, Ismail Coskuner, Aras Ergus, sengun95 and Joaquim Rocha have provided the translations. Many thanks to them!